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  • Valu

    I agree. This woman has been subjected to far more srntuicy than any other candidate and ironically she is the only one who doesn’t have skeletons in her closet to come tumbling out. Romney’s plan was the framework used for Obamacare, Perry has the Texas Dream Act, Herman has women coming out of the woodwork, Newt 2 ex wives, worked with Pelosi & Hilary and Ron Paul blames America for 9/11 and thinks Iran should have nukes yet people fall all over themselves to defend these dudes yet when Time put Michele on the cover and titled it Queen of Rage, the silence was deafening. I’m constantly told by other conservatives I like Bachmann, but she isn’t a leader (among other things) and that just floors me. The woman has crusaded against out of control spending, tarp, obamacare, dodd-frank, raising the debt ceiling and often was the lone voice. But she can’t lead? Really? Unfortunately, I think our brethren are buying into the view the women aren’t as capable as men.It’s a shame really.Writer ChickComment by David Hall,Points well taken. Except I would disagree about Herman Cain. I don’t think he has skeletons but rather rabid enemies. He’s weak in the area of campaign skills to pull off a successful run for the presidency.

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